Third World Mission’s goal is to take essentials of daily living like water, food and clothing to those living in situations that most of us only read about or see on television. With expansions into health and education, we are teaching young leaders how to survive in places where it may be difficult, and how to accomplish their goals, when at one time it seemed impossible. Our commitment is to share our lives, knowledge and use our resources to reach the masses and share compassion with as many people we meet along the way. You may never step foot on the soil of another country, but your generosity enables us to do so. We want to bring hope and change into the world, one country at a time.

About The Founder

IMG_5280Tawni Jehnke

If you could do one thing to transform your life, I would highly recommend that you find your passion. They say if you do what you love everyday, it will never feel like a job but it will be your calling. As a little girl, these words rang true in my heart. I distinctly remember at 12 years old, I wanted to find my passion. I was one of those few people who was so certain I knew what that passion was at a young age and never saw myself pursuing anything different. I went on my first missions trip when I was 11. It was instant that I knew I belonged out of my “comfort zone” as I like to call it. I wasn’t sure how my life as a missionary would be painted, but I knew it would be life long. Since that first trip, I have traveled to 4 other countries serving on the mission field. Each trip ignited that passion in me to serve others, but I always asked God, “How far?” I wasn’t sure if I should sell everything and move away, and leave the life of America as I know it, or if I would serve others in a different way.

I became a nurse in 2009 and prayed for opportunities to serve on the mission field, no matter where that might lead. In 2010 I traveled to the beautiful country of Haiti. The rumor mill said, there was a Pastor named Joseph in need of a nurse to come and help serve at his orphanage. In what I like to call the most bold moment of my life, I packed my bag and was in Haiti within 10 days of the tragic earthquake. I was so fortunate to spend 2 weeks in the country building relationships and observing their needs. I want to bring medical care to the country of Haiti, the same medical care that we are so blessed to have in the states, and I want to see that no child go without the right to medicine. I am working to create hope for the children of Haiti.
Third World Missions is based on Matthew 25:40, “…In as much as you do unto the least, you do unto me.” This verse has been my lifeline at times. I firmly believe Jesus expects us to see Him in all times of need. No matter someone’s financial standpoint, religious, political…we are called to serve “unto the least.”

Thus began Third World Missions, the ministry was launched in 2013, after years of research and spending time in the village to assess the greatest needs. Through my travels to the country of Haiti, I have grown and been taught by the Lord so many things. I have seen children die from disease when they didn’t need to, I have seen children starving when there is no reason to but I have also witnessed the most intense love I could ever describe. I have seen people give everything they have to give to the children, I have seen parents make the greatest decision to give their child the best chance at life by allowing them to grow up in the orphanage. I have seen first hand, Pastor Joseph and his wife, give up everything to ensure these children have a chance. A chance of hope. Their sacrifice is the respect that the ministry is based on. Third World Missions is providing food and medical care to the children of Croix des Bouqets. No child should be deprived of their basic physiological needs.
Third World Missions serves as a non profit foundation to the 52 orphans in Croix des Bouquets. I pinch myself everyday that God uses me as a vessel for these children. I am not worthy. I am no one. A dream I had as a little girl to serve has come true beyond my greatest vision. All praise goes to Him.