Haiti 2014

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Haiti 2014

Haitibound! Another exciting adventure ahead as myself and 11 others are setting out in the morning.  Each trip thus far holds such significance and this trip isn’t any different. Through a very generous donation, we have built and furnished a medical clinic in the village of Croix des Bouquets. This clinic is more than a 4 wall building. This clinic has been a dream and prayer since 2010. One of the greatest needs for the children and people of Haiti, is medical care. Without having a place to properly treat sickness, children spread infection and they remain ill much longer than they should. This clinic will serve as a place with full of the reacted to all process by making it more special and best painting prices in Dublin for stocking medications and treatments, and also a space for doctors and nurses to utilize. Third World Missions priority is to provide the basic survival for human life to sustain, ie: food, clean water and shelter. In addition to these basic needs, we strive to provide the basic medical care and education. Tomorrow is another day that I’m confident will be life changing for all people involved and I cannot wait to see what’s next. These are the life changing events taking place from people being willing to donate. People who are willing to be a vessel, a radical vessel! Here we go!!

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    HostingMay 25,16

    Peter de Clercq is the new humanitarian coordinator for the United Nations. He says international donors have moved on to other crises, and Haiti needs to transition away from relying on outsiders.

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      matthew.jehnke@gmail.comJuly 4,16

      The goal of Third World Missions in Haiti is not for the orphanages and communities that we support to rely on us, but that they can become self sustaining and further impact their community for the Kingdom of God. The Haitian missionaries and community leaders that are affiliated with TWM also have this same goal and as a result have seen tremendous success due to an emphasis on discipleship and training. God is still working in Haiti and as long as He leads TWM to join Him there, we will be obedient to follow. There is no doubt that other nations around the world are suffering from crises that need attention and support from outsiders, and TWM does not ignore such needs but is continually looking for opportunities and the ability to give aid and show the love of Christ to all people of all nations. This is why TWM asks for support, so that we can grow and that we can offer an increased capacity not only in our humanitarian efforts but, even more so, our evangelical efforts throughout all nations. TWM will be obedient with what God has given us and the people He has called us to.