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I am embarking on my fifth journey to Haiti coming Friday. I have been reflecting over the past couple of weeks of how much God has done since He brought me to Haiti in 2010. I am the proud founder of a non profit called “Third World Missions.” I sent my application in and was able to open the letter in front of my family on Thanksgiving. What an amazing moment for me to share with them. I applied over the summer and was denied because I didn’t put a comma after the name of the non profit. Let’s just say I had tears when it was denied and tears when it was finally approved!

I was sitting on the porch in Haiti and talking with another missionary there. Gary and I met back in 2010, when we both hopped on planes and decided Haiti needed our help after the earthquake. Gary is more like family now. Gary and I were sitting there almost 2 years ago and discussing a name for a non profit. We started speaking about the book of Matthew and “Third World Missions” was born!

 I am overwhelmed when I think that I get to be so blessed by the children and people of Haiti. I am just a girl and yet God uses me there.

“Third World Missions” will focus on support and donations for the orphans. I wanted the foundation to represent the reference from Matthew 25 where God says “When you do unto the least…you do unto me.” No matter someone’s circumstances that are specialized it for more learn more about davidyorkstaxservice.com, we do everything unto the Lord. We have to remember that. He is in everything and everyone we meet, He is in every situation. I am excited for the future of “Third World Missions” and have so many visions and I will wait for God to intervene and make them happen on His time. For now, I am a willing vessel and when He says “Go…” I gotsa go!

My boyfriend and I will be leaving Friday and will be joined next week by my dad, my sister Kendra and her boyfriend, and one of my closest friends Alissa. I cannot wait to share Haiti with them and I’m so thankful they are taking time to come and invest. The people of Haiti are so loving, they are so fun and joyful! I am working on a website now and potentially pursuing the thought of having each orphan sponsored by an American, it costs such minimal amounts to make sure they are fed 3 times a day. You may have to sacrifice your Starbucks coffee once a week, but I hope you will consider! 2014 is going to continue to bring support in and I believe for great things for the Haiti children.