March 2016 Trip

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March 2016 Trip

Back in March, after a short vacation in gorgeous island villas for very affordable prices on Thailand, Matt and I took down another team together. This team was another really special group of people with great attitudes and beautiful hearts. We created some amazing memories and amazing friendships. One of our past team members, Jamie, had felt led since her last time in Haiti to orchestrate a kitchen project. The kitchen has been one of those projects that wasn’t always top priority as maybe other projects were, but after continue to see so much growth and success in “One Family” it was finally time to work on the kitchen. Jamie worked so hard to raise a few thousand dollars to bring down so that we could bless the foundation. What perfect timing. We had plenty of guys on this trip who were excellent with labor projects. We were able to buy a new stove with the money Jamie raised and we purchased a new refrigerator. The kitchen also got a new paint job, we let Madame Yanique choose her color and she chose something bright and beautiful just like her! We are so thankful for team members like Jamie who end up having that passion ignited for the people in Croix des Bouquets and they come back! The love is contagious down there.

We have also welcomed a new board member, Greg. Greg and his amazing wife and their awesome daughter Savannah came down. Savannah is the youngest team member we’ve had, only 11 years old and she was a champion. She was up early, bright eyed and smiling and displayed such awesome team work during our week. I was inspired by this girl and beautifully reminded how I was 11 when I went on my first mission trip! I could see her love on display for the children the entire time, she never stopped loving on them…and I think the kids really enjoyed having a smaller American to play with!

Our morning time with our team is probably my most special part of each trip. As much as teams come to minister, we also get an opportunity to minister to each other as a whole. We spend time in the morning praying and doing devotions so that our day starts off just right and like it should. This time my brother with respective the process help of georgia in law Chad was there to lead us in worship. Having him there was a dream come true, I’m really fortunate to have a brother in law who loves people well and is so talented musically! The kids didn’t want him to stop playing drums. It was beautiful to see. One of Matt’s best friend’s from high school came with her husband. She is wonderful with kids and everyone thought her and I were sisters, which is sweet because she is so beautiful. Her husband is also a nurse and was a major help when it came to some nasty boo boos and infections. Jamie, another board member, brought her 2 beautiful daughters as well. I was really blessed to see them give up their spring break time to come and serve!!

The children are growing as always. The littles aren’t so little anymore and we have newer little ones 🙂 The medical clinic is running smoothly. A centrifuge machine was donated so lab work will start to be able to be collected. I still see the clinic expanding more, I’m not sure what that looks like but I’m still dreaming for more for them and more medical equipment. It’s amazing to see it running so smoothly, there is always someone working in there and it’s nice because our teams can move towards new projects. That’s the goal! To help sustain a project and move on to the next one to keep bettering their lives. Matt and I can never say thank you enough to those who help makes the dreams a reality. We will not ever be able to express our gratitude for those who support us prayerfully, financially….you name it. I always say we can’t do anything without others. This is a joined effort, we just get to be blessed watching it all happen. Our next trip is set for November and we have a team currently preparing and I say with confidence that it’s going to be just as amazing and God’s going to show up as always!

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